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Every business needs more sales. In addition to the meetings, emails, calls, articles and posts on social channels, there is the RFP (request for proposal). If you are in an industry that does not use RFPs, consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us, the RFP has gone mainstream.

One key to RFP success is communication. Knowing what the client is really looking for may be difficult especially in a creative industry such as experiential marketing. When a client uses Biglio to create and send an RFP, they can choose the level of proposal they are looking for in return.

And it’s simple…level 1, 2, or 3? Level 1 is a top line proposal, no heavy details but concepts, ideas and rough budgets. Level 3 is a full-blown creative proposal with renderings and line item budgets, (level 2 is somewhere in between).

Adding this simple feature to the creative RFP allows a vendor to spend their time and energy where it is needed and the client gets what they want. Win-Win.

Biglio also has a vendor search tool which allows clients to search our database and find a new agency, printer or any other vendor they are looking for.

Biglio is a software platform that manages client & vendor relationships, RFPs, proposals, NDAs and communications. You can request a demo of the platform at

If you would like a full demo, please contact us.

If you want to get more business, add your company to the Biglio directory here. It’s free.